The health benefits of sex

In addition to being a moment of indescribable pleasure, sex is, as you might expect, very beneficial to your health. So what are the health benefits of sex?  Sex reduces high blood pressure  According to a study, women who are regularly satisfied after sex are not at great risk for high blood press... Read

The best positions of Kamasutra ?

The sexual intercourse with your partner is a unique moment.  Therefore, it is important to adopt different types of positions to make the moment enjoyable. What are the best positions in Kamasutra? Starfish This is one of the most popular Kamasutra positions during sex. It is the position, I am lyi... Read

How to make sex by phone?

Phone sex is a very popular phenomenon nowadays. It is a very popular practice for partners who are in a long distance relationship. But how to make love by phone?  It is necessary to prepare well in advance  In order to make love by phone, it is important to be well prepared. A good preparation all... Read

How to prepare for your first sodomy

Anal sex is a sexual practice that involves a woman receiving sex from a man in her anus. It is nowadays very practiced and some people find more pleasure in it. So what are the tips for beginners on how to perform this sexual practice? Control your diet  It is important to be careful about what you... Read

How to deal with sexual breakdown?

A sexual breakdown is an ailment that many men have already faced. It is a very embarrassing problem for both the man and the woman. But what exactly to do in case of a sexual breakdown?  Do not panic  When you are faced with a sexual breakdown, it is important to stay calm and not to panic. Yes, th... Read